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Why skin dries so: features of spring care
After a long winter, the skin of the face looks tired. Many people are also worried about excessive dryness and flaking of not only the skin of the face, but…

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How to get rid of wrinkles without "chemistry" and operations
At any age, most women (and men too) want to look young. Age-related skin aging cannot be avoided by anyone, but wrinkles can and should be prevented, then it is…

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Extremely dangerous type of cancer - melanoma, is it possible to protect yourself?
Have you attached importance to the fact that knowing literally some of the main symptoms of the disease helps prevent serious health problems? This statement holds true for melanoma (skin…

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Proper nutrition and diet: what’s the difference?

Many people confuse proper nutrition with a diet that helps lose weight. However, proper nutrition (PP) or, as nutritionists say, an individual nutritional system does not limit a person to food, does not make him starve, unlike diets for quick weight loss. PP is a system of balanced and nutritious nutrition, which eliminates or minimizes the use of harmful products. As a result, those who eat right all the time, get rid of excess weight and keep the body in good shape without any diets. Continue reading

Defibrillation: 10 minute chance of saving lives

Defibrillation is the process by which ventricular fibrillation is removed. Fibrillation or ventricular fibrillation is a pathological condition when there are no effective contractions of the heart.
This state cannot stop at one moment, it is possible only with the help of electrical defibrillation.
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If it were not for vaccinations … Who risks more by refusing vaccination

For the last couple of decades, society has split into opponents and supporters of immunization. As a result, the consequences of massive vaccination refusals were the increasing frequency of almost forgotten childhood diseases, some of which ended sadly. Many parents believe that they say the vaccine does not guarantee that the child will not get sick. Yes, even vaccinated children are sick: but the disease is mild, besides collective immunity is supported in kindergartens and schools. Continue reading

Neurosis – a disease of modern society: how to save the nervous system

Constant stress, congestion at work, conflicts, etc. deplete the human nervous system. Long-term traumatic situations lead to the development of psychological disorders – neuroses. As a result, the nervous system exhausted by neuroses gives the person to know about the arisen health problem, rapid fatigue, sleep disorders, anxiety, apathy, etc. But not always the person, exhausted by neuroses, seeks medical help. As a result, his quality of life is getting worse and worse.
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Poor blood clotting: who faces hemophilia

The causes of blood clotting disorders are numerous, including hereditary diseases. One such serious disease is hemophilia (from the Latin heme – blood, philosophy – to love). Women are carriers of the disease, and men suffer from hemophilia. Today, April 17, physicians and community activists from various countries join the action of World Hemophilia Day: let us and we learn more about this disease and the causes of bleeding disorders.
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How to help a child when teeth are cut?
It is possible to help a child survive a difficult period of life when teeth are cut. For this you need to know about the main symptoms that accompany teething.…


Why do we suffer from allergies: treat or ignore?
In some people, seemingly completely “harmless” plants or animals can cause a strong allergic reaction. Some people, with the arrival of spring, rejoice in blooming flowers and trees, while others…


What is the danger of measles and how to protect yourself?
In connection with a measles outbreak, you need to know what the disease is and how to avoid it. Informed means armed. What is special about measles? Measles is a…


How to get rid of wrinkles without "chemistry" and operations
At any age, most women (and men too) want to look young. Age-related skin aging cannot be avoided by anyone, but wrinkles can and should be prevented, then it is…